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  • Are you choosing the right stream for yourself?
  • Your hobbies / strengths can make rewarding careers. Want to find out how?

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  • Are you a rolling stone & seeking clarity on your goals?
  • Choose career path which can make you successful faster
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Meet our master counselor who will explain & clarify all your doubts & suggest to you the best of Universities/colleges/courses matching your profile. Our counselor is a subject matter expert dealing into foreign education for the last 10 yrs & has helped 3000+ students to get placement in various universities/colleges across countries.
We truly believe that every individual is unique with distinctive strengths. Hence, our master counselor will help you assess the best fit. This would be a one on one counselling with individual &/or parents in person or online/Telephonic
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A crisp & clear application form filling is key to smooth admission process. Our expert team will help you fill up the requisite forms basis the country & University/college you choose. Every country/college or university has different & complex requirements. Our team of experts are well versed & adept at dealing with complexities, flawlessly.
We have one of the lowest rejections rates across countries.

Many students applying for a graduate school course are usually requested to write an essay about who they are, their purpose of applying, the reasons why they consider themselves as qualified candidates and their aspirations for the future. This application essay is also known as a Statement of Purpose letter. Our experts will help you write the essay in a manner which will clearly state your purpose of opting for your chosen course along with your strengths & aspirations.

For many Indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad scholarships prove great. Scholarships make education affordable and enable you to access the best universities in the world.

Harvard University’s President, Derek Bok, once remarked ‘If you think investing in education is expensive, try ignorance’. His message simply was to indicate that the long term cost of ignorance far exceeds the short/medium term cost of education. Although the wise words of Derek Bok capture the importance of having a long term focus on holistically building on all aspects of an individual’s or a society’s persona, current market forces have made it awfully challenging to deliver quality education to all aspiring for it.
Consequently, Universities, Corporations and Governments have recognized a threshold in the population that may absolutely deserve accessibility to high quality education or at least an opportunity to compete on common grounds. Hence, they have been often investing greatly into broadening opportunities for the less fortunate through scholarships and other means of financial aid.


Merit-Based: Merit Based aid originated as a result of top tier universities finding themselves in a bidding war for desirable students. Troy Miller once stated, ‘Instead of students competing to get into the best colleges, have the colleges competing to get the best students’. Merit based awards are hence typically granted on the basis of academic, artistic, athletic or other extracurricular based superiority.
Need-Based: The predominant condition to be eligible for a Need-Based Scholarship is financial assistance. Student groups who originate from monetarily less fortunate backgrounds may be eligible for such study abroad scholarships. Although academic profiles may be considered, the primary concern and decision making process is based on the monetary well being of the student’s family. These study overseas scholarships may provide coverage ranging from full tuition fees to partial tuition fees, living costs or even the cost of books at times.
Student-Specific: These study overseas scholarships are largely granted to students with distinct characteristics that could range from race, gender, religion or even medical issues. They can be better classified as minority based scholarships as they strictly target minority groups that may be disadvantaged at some level and are given the opportunity to compete on common grounds through financial aid.
Career-Specific: Certain areas of study often come under financial aid provision to address supply shortages and the generic longer term outlook for careers stemming from those areas. Universities have an agenda to produce talent that will benefit employers to recruit talent that perform skilled tasks that otherwise may require outside options. Hence, students pursuing listed skill shortage areas may gain substantial financial assistance from various institutions.
College-Specific: Most institutions have certain core competencies that form the foundation for their research, education delivery and reputation. Hence, to enhance their ideologies and knowledge systems, universities introduce programmes and study abroad scholarships that are unique to their prestige. These scholarship opportunities are highly competitive and are awarded on the basis of various factors including academic, personal achievements, extra-curricular activities, overall profiles, etc. This is often awarded in the form of reduced tuition fees.

How The edustori can help
Based on your merit, Edustori match you to the right university. With extensive partnerships with colleges worldwide, we have all necessary resources to match talent with study overseas scholarships. Contact The Edustori now for getting the right scholarship based on your academic or other merits and talents. Contact us to know more.

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Every individual is Unique and has different qualities, interests and potential. At EduStori with every enrollment, our process starts with AI based psychometric test of individual to ascertain potential indicators and our expert counselors help individuals with options of right stream / career selection.
Our counselors are from varied fields. We have psychologist, coroparte specialist to educationist on our panel who have been mentoring individuals for many years and are well versed with challenges life throughs at every juncture.

Right fitment and profile match to stream becomes absolutely critical and must for smoothening out the way forward career journey.
Psychometric test and Counselling session is conducted at our office.


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