Bagging the right scholarship


How to bag a Scholarship?

Higher studies on mind but worried about the cost?

It is a genuine concern. Studying abroad requires a substantial amount of financial backup. An aspiring student needs to arrange finances for the course (tuition fee) and for the living expenses viz. rent, travel, food, stationery and telecommunication/internet etc. There are also other ancillary expenses which have to be met frequently.

About 7.5 Lac Indian students travel abroad every year, thousands of them bag multiple scholarships. And then there are a lucky few who also get 100% scholarship as well.

Broadly there can be two types of scholarships:

Need Based: This type of scholarship is provided by the universities and institutions depending upon the previous academic records of the student. It is given to help the student to pursue higher studies. The students having not so affluent economic background need scholarship to continue their studies without interruption of any sorts.

Merit- Based: This type of scholarship is given to meritorious students based upon their academic excellence. This excellence can win a scholarship and make life a bit easy for the students studying abroad.

Some scholarships are also given to students to follow a specific field of study, others can be destination specific. For example, some countries give scholarships to international students. Some local organizations too offer scholarships; for example Chinese-American Associations, Sons of Italy Chapter etc. Scholarships are also offered to students showcasing excellence in sports. You may represent the university in a particular sport. However it is expected from you to balance your studies and rigorous training of sports.

The Ministry of Human Resource Department invites online applications for scholarships offers from various countries. Some countries also invite direct application.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand are quite student centric. They give ample opportunities to the students in order to create an amicable working environment post study. AUT University, University of Auckland, Lincoln University, and University of Otago etc offer scholarships which are exclusive to Indian students. Similarly, universities like Monash University in Australia provide up to 100% scholarships.

Fastweb is a good website to find out your kind of scholarship. IIE Scholarship Awards are given to empower undeserved low-income minority youth with leadership skills.


Guidelines while applying for scholarship:

1.     Research which scholarships you want and the amount you need.

2.     Be alert about the deadline.

3.     Apply for as many scholarships as you want. Sometimes one gets more than one scholarship.

4.     Be very particular in filling up the form or writing the application for scholarship.

5.     Take ample of time to write the essay.

6.     It helps to have letters of recommendations.

If you have done community work which can be shown as positive impact on society then this helps even if you are not a topnotch student when applying for scholarship for studying abroad. For meritorious student good score in GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE exams help in bagging scholarships.


Getting a good scholarship offer is as competitive as getting into a good college. For details regarding the scholarship please enquire about it from our expert counselor. All said and done when you are all alone in an unfamiliar ground extra cash and any kind of financial support is a welcome advantage.