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How scholarships have been helping students live their dreams?

Due to the soaring study cost in both national and international colleges and universities, many academically brilliant students lose the opportunity of receiving higher education. But if students apply and avail scholarships, they can reduce the financial burden and cover the cost of pursuing higher education in the best universities in the world.

Scholarships can create a strong foundation by supporting the students in their pursuit of education and career. It plays a key role in making national and global education more accessible and affordable. With students successfully earning their degrees, even the society and economy are benefited. This is the reason Government and top universities have a provision for Scholarships.

Types of Scholarships for students (National and International)

The scholarships can be granted in different ways. The most popular four types of scholarships are:

Need based Scholarship

Need based Scholarship

As the name suggests, this type of scholarship is provided to students who are unable to afford the cost of education. These students often belong to the financially weaker or economically backward sections of society. The low annual income of the family is a prime determining factor that makes the students eligible for Need-based scholarships.

Programme based Scholarship

Programme based Scholarship

Some scholarships are rewarded for a particular program or course. For example, if a college wants to promote a certain stream of study like economics or fine arts, they offer scholarships to the students who excel in these subjects. These scholarships help the students to pursue a specific field of study.

Merit Based Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarship

Merit-based scholarships are offered to students who exhibit exceptional academic performance. The purpose of providing merit scholarships is to support rank holders to fulfill their career aspirations. The merit-based scholarships motivate the students to pursue higher studies and achieve excellent grades

University Based Scholarship

University Based Scholarship

Many colleges and universities provide scholarships to their students to promote high performance in the competitive learning environment. It is a kind of reward for meritorious students. Most university-based scholarships are strictly based on the student’s grades in the exam.


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Scholarships available across the world: How can we help you apply and get a scholarship?

The misconception that scholarships are only available to a handful of students who are top rank achievers, refrain many eligible students to apply and get scholarships. It is important to know that numerous scholarships are made available by the government, private institutions, colleges and universities, local or religious communities, etc. The students just need to gather more information and learn about getting scholarships in India and abroad.

Also, the scholarships are not available to just underprivileged sections or meritorious students, but to all the students irrespective of their social, economic, or religious background. Though need-based and merit-based scholarships have need and merit as eligibility criteria, but many others do not have such rules.

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Many students find it challenging to understand and fulfil the scholarship application process. We are adept at filling out the scholarship form on your behalf and maximize your chances of getting a scholarship.

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