Factors to consider when choosing a college or university for higher education


How to choose a college or university for higher education

New Education Policy 2020 is a transformative initiative by the Modi government that can address the challenges of higher education system and aims to improve the quality of education in India.

The choice of college and universities plays a key role in the career graph of the students. As of 2020, India has more than 1000 universities and 52,627 colleges. It may be daunting for you to select one from the pile of college brochures you may have. Here, we guide you with the vital aspects, you must consider while picking the best college or university for you.

Right colleges for your stream

This is the most critical factor to be mindful of. Find out which colleges are best for the type, of course, you have selected for yourself. For example, if you want to pursue Human resources course, then Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune is one of the best choices. Similarly, MICA or Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad is a top choice for Mass Communications course. So, you will have to research about list of courses available after 12th and know which colleges are the best for your preferred programs.


This is one of the most important criteria to select a college. Find out the number of students that graduate from the university and how many of them were able to land up a good job with the top-rated company and a high paycheck.

Financial assistance

Department of Higher Education in Ministry of education offers Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students to offer financial assistance to the students. The department provides 82000 scholarships per year. There are many institutes too that help the students who have financial constraint.


The college or university you are targeting must be accredited. Accredited universities are valued by the employers and universities, in which you plan to study further.

Career Services

Some colleges provide active career services to help the students by arranging a mock interview workshop, resume writing, searching for jobs, etc.

Cost of study

Some colleges may charge you a high-fees while some may not. Tuition fees at private universities are mostly higher than in government universities. You need to assess whether the college or university you are choosing will be affordable for you or not. Other than the tuition fee, you must consider living expenses too.

Admission success criterion and process

Do check the admission rate and process to understand what are the chances of your application being accepted. Many universities accept merit test scores to select the students. There are some colleges that conduct their own admission test. Top career counsellors in India like Edustori can detail you the right information.


The faculty of the university or college must be learned, experienced, supportive, help you with career guidance and extra classes, etc.

Be mindful of the points listed here, and have a bright future! To more, click here