How AP helps in terms of saving costs?


Started in the 1950s, AP has been helping students achieve academic excellence by providing them opportunity to study in the top universities in US. However, across the world few select institutions also accept AP scores. In 2019, around 2 million students took more than 4 million AP Exams worldwide and sent scores to about 3,000 universities in 60 countries.

AP or Advanced Placement is an academic program that allows students to pursue university-level courses while still in secondary school. AP exams offer many benefits to students who want to study in the US. It helps the students to brighten their chances of admission in the world’s top institutions and advance their placement by earning college credit.

How does the AP exam save your cost?

We all are aware that studying in the US is expensive. The tuition fee is high, and due to the lack of funds, many students give up their dream to study abroad. But writing AP can help save a considerable amount of your tuition fee and living cost.

By taking AP Exams and earning college credit, the students can skip introductory courses. Also, the students get to graduate early and save a lot of tuition fees. When you do not take a particular class, you need not pay the whole tuition fees. So, rather than paying the entire college tuition fee, the learners pay only a part of the tuition fee. This helps you save costs significantly.

Save up to $15,000 tuition fee!

As per many reports, taking AP classes and scoring a good score can save thousands of dollars in college. Taking an AP exam costs you around $94 to $96 per test. If you score a three or higher in the exam, you can earn three college credits.

As per the National Center for Education Statistics, state public schools charge a tuition fee of $4,402 per semester. The cost is even higher at about $15,000 per semester in private universities. Now, you can compare the price. Using AP tests, you can save and earn an entire semester of college credit while spending only an amount of $350 to $400. This amount is way less than the tuition fee of that course. The students easily earn about 12 credits in a four-year college or university.

More than 90% of the universities in the U.S. offer credit and advanced placement to the students who have a good score in AP Exam. Some European universities and Canada institutions also recognize AP scores for admission, credit, and placement. However, the credit policies may differ.

You can visit the College Board website to check the credit policies of your target institution.