How do you register for SAT 2022?

The SATs are accepted by a number of countries around the globe for admissions to universities and colleges. The SATs are a standardised test and are an important component of your college application.

The registration process for the SATs is relatively straightforward. The organisation responsible for conducting the SATs is named College Board. If you are looking for information to register for the SATs, read on.

How many times SATs are carried out

If you're taking the test from outside of the US, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, the SATs are conducted only five times a year. So Indian students can take the exam on any of the five dates available. In India, the exams are conducted in the months of August, October, December, March and May.

According to the College Board official website, there are six anticipated test dates for 2022-23.

  1. August 27, 2022 (paper/pencil)
  2. October 1, 2022 (paper/pencil)
  3. December 3, 2022 (paper/pencil)
  4. March 11, 2023 (digital)
  5. May 6, 2023 (digital)
  6. June 3, 2023 (digital)

The procedure to register

Registering for the SATs is relatively easy. After you choose your date and preferred test center, students can register by mail or online through the website. In India, only valid passport or Aadhar card are accepted as ID proofs.

The steps to register online through the College Board website:

  1. Sign up and create a College Board account. You need to use your full legal name and information that is listed on your photo ID.

  2. Answer the questions on the website about yourself. This helps students to find useful information about the colleges they wish to apply to.

  3. After that, you'd be required to upload a photo keeping the requirements from College Board in mind. This photo will become a part of your admission ticket and it will be checked on the test day against your photo ID. So be careful when uploading the photo.

  4. Use a credit/debit card to pay the fees. And then download and print your ticket.


Note: You should be the only one in the picture. Make sure you are in focus and recognizable easily. The photo should not have any shadows or dark spots. Black and white photos are also acceptable


Steps to register through mail:

There are a few cases in which you'd need to register for the SATs by mail. You can check if you meet any of the criteria:

  1. If you want to request a test center close to home.
  2. If you want to request a test for Sunday for the first time.
  3. If you're paying through cheque or a money order.
  4. If you’re younger than 13 years.
  5. If you are not able to upload a digital photo during the registration process.
  6. If you have to take the test in Ghana
  7. If you wish to register through an SAT international representative.

 Other additional registration requirements to be kept in mind

When signing up for the SATs online, you would also be required to provide some other relevant information:

  1. When using a fee waiver, you would need to enter the identification number that is on the fee waiver card.
  2. In case you've been approved by College Board to test with accommodations, your eligibility letter should have your SSD number as well.
  3. In case you have been homeschooled, you have to enter 970000 as your high school code.

 Summing up

The SATs are offered by College Board five times in India. And the procedure to register for the SATs is pretty simple and straightforward. Students can register through the official website or through mail in some cases.

The SATs themselves are pretty easy to give. As long as you start your  preparations well in advance. To help you prepare, we at
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