How you can save money when planning to study abroad in USA


Ways to save money while studying in USA 

USA is considered one of the top destinations to pursue higher education, with around 186,000 Indian students studying in the USA according to 2017 report. But you also need to know that it is one of the most expensive countries too. 

If you have secured an admission in one of the premier institutes of USA, but contemplating how to keep your expenses running, then here we provide you essential tips to help you ease your financial burden.


Check your eligibility for Scholarship 

The number of Indian students studying in US has grown by 5% in 2017-18. There were around 18% Indian students out of the total foreign students in the US in the academic year 2017-18, and this was possible because many Indian students got scholarships for higher education in US. 

So, the first and the most significant step on “how to study abroad for free” is to check if the college provides scholarships and grants. And if they do, inquire whether you are eligible for it. It is also a wise idea to prioritize the institutes and universities that are known to offer scholarships to Indian students.


Benefit to take admission in Community College 

Another way to save tuition fee is to get enrolled in a community college. Many students start their pre-major course with a community college in USA and then they transfer to a university to complete their education. Community colleges are far lesser expensive as compared to private colleges and hence, it can help you save a lot of money per year.


 Get in touch with seniors 

You must also attempt to contact your seniors or former students of the university. Every year several students graduate and move out of their hostels and dorms. You can use this opportunity to procure their used items such as books, notes, study table, kitchen appliances, etc. either for free or at a minimal price. This will allow you to save a considerable amount of money that you can use to pay your college fees.


Use your Student ID Card to get discounts 

Other than this, there are many other ways to alleviate your expenses such as using your student ID card to avail maximum discount in public transport, stationery, grocery etc., exploring an economical cell phone plan, residing in a shared accommodation near college campus to avoid transportation cost, and much more. You can also consider taking up a part-time job if your academic course is not too consuming. 

The tips mentioned above will certainly help you sail through smoothly while studying in USA. Renowned Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi might suggest you more such affordable options to study abroad. Call them today!