Important things you should know before planning to study abroad


Top Things to do when Studying in Abroad

According to MEA or Ministry of External Affairs, 588,931 students went to study abroad in 2019. MEA reported that only 261,406 Indian students went abroad in 2020, half of what it was due to the pandemic in 2020.

Studying abroad means a totally different culture and a new environment. While the idea of studying in a different may excite you, it may also make your nervous thinking about the things like language barrier, financials, the feeling of solitude, etc. But if you plan well and proactively prepare yourself, then you can have a pleasant experience of studying abroad. 

Here are some of the top things you need to know or practice before studying abroad.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Don’t let the financial constraint deter your goal of studying abroad. There are many institutions and countries like Germany that help the students with scholarships, grants, easy student loans, etc. Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi can help you make a list of resources offering scholarships for studying abroad.

According to National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, 1 out of 10 students who applied for scholarship got it, and 19% students received scholarships by the colleges. Better CGPA and test scores increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

There are location-specific grants or scholarships to study abroad too, that encourage the students to study in those particular countries. Similarly, there are program or subject-specific scholarships for the students to study that specific program.

Keep the Documents

For studying abroad, do arrange imperative documents and applications ready such as a Passport, VISA, photo ID, proof of funds, statement of purpose, competitive exam scores, academic certificates, resume, etc.

Connect with Some Foreign Students

If possible, have a word with Indian students who are already studying abroad. You can learn from their experience, struggle, and success story, and more. You can use this opportunity to discuss your queries and concerns. 

Health Checkup

You don’t want to fall ill in a foreign country, isn’t it? Schedule a pre-travel checkup and complete your vaccinations to ensure you are fit and healthy.

Research about your study Abroad Country

Study Abroad Preparation Checklist also needs you to know well about the country you are visiting such as the travel laws, student educational laws, social customs, commutation, electronic devices, weather conditions, local telecom provider, etc. familiarize yourself with your new country’s currency, geography, and economy.

Keep Detailed Information About Your Finances and Expenses

Be aware of your banking service provider, bank’s international charging fee, the exchange rate between your home country and the foreign country, etc. It is highly recommended to set up your online account. Talk to your bank and find out if credit and debit cards work overseas.

Are you feeling better and confident after reading the checklist jotted above? So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and fulfill your dreams!