How Can You Study in Ireland from India?


Study In Ireland 

Demographics: Ireland is known to be a culturally rich country with a very friendly population. It’s among top 10 in the world in terms of quality of life. It has very student friendly research facilities and the cost for an international student studying there is competitive as far as studying in Europe is concerned.

Courses offered: Ireland has some of the best universities which proudly have a place in world’s top 500 universitiesSome of the colleges are Trinity College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast etc. Some of the top course offered in Ireland is accounting, business, design, finance, information technology, pharmacy, medicine, physiotherapy, social science, tourism and marketing, software engineering, travel and tourism, sports etc. In fact Ireland itself is a very sports loving country.

Knowledge of English is mandatory: Knowledge of English is mandatory for foreign students in Ireland. They have to take IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language), PTE Pearson’s Test for English. We at Edustori help you prepare for IELTS.

Work Permit:

1.      Students can apply for a non-renewable extension of up to 2 years after course completion. This extension is granted for the purpose of finding suitable employment.

2.      Later on one can apply for green card or work permit.

3.      If you are granted Stamp 1 G (students are allowed to work under third level graduate programs) you need not apply for visa extension.

Student Visa:

Student should have all the required documents, medical insurance, required financial back-up, letter of intent and letter from the university with which he has enrolled. Failing to provide any of these documents will result in cancellation or rejection of the visa. Students have to apply online using AVASTS system.

Scholarships: Various scholarships are available for students studying abroad. While some are provided to meritorious students some are also given to underprivileged students. While some are offered by government organizations others are offered by private organizations. There is no dearth of finance for a deserving candidate.

Cost of Studying in Ireland: The cost of studying abroad is the major factor which makes or mars the decision of student about overseas education. Living expense, travelling expenses, petty expenses related to day-to-day life piles up to become a hefty amount. Ireland colleges and universities offer some of the most competitive Tuition fee across the same category. For many graduate and undergraduate students, lower fees at Ireland has come like a boon. On top lower fee structure, there are multiple scholarship programmes. These programmes cover Tuition as well as living cost as well.


Accommodation: There are several options available as far as accommodation in Ireland is concerned.

1.      Provided by the university which have all the basic amenities

2.      Home stay which is similar to paying guest system in which families accommodate students and provide them with an independent room with all the amenities

3.      One can stay in independent flats though they are slightly expensive. The expenses of a student depend on accommodation, location and scholarship options. But overall, the expense in any country depends on the lifestyle of the student