What are the requirements for Studying Abroad?


 Since you have started reading this blog, which clearly reflects that you are kind of willing to explore the international studies journey. Normally it is perceived that study abroad is very complex and requires a lot of documentation. If you don’t understand the nuances, it is quite cumbersome and chaotic. But if you follow step by step approach, frankly speaking the requirements and processes are very-very simple. As an International studies consultant, I have come across many students who were totally confused when they approached me for my professional services. Once the study abroad counselling process started the chaos and confusions started fading out.

The overseas study requirements may vary from country to country and university to university. Follow these simple yet effective 10 steps process for exploring international studies -

1.     Start Early –

    The sooner you start the journey to gain clarity and get ready wrt documents requirements, eligibility, possible courses, possible recognized universities etc., the better will be your chances to get admission.  

2.     A Good Trustworthy and Reliable Consultant –

     Lot of students prefer to apply on their own. That’s perfectly ok approach. But one should certainly take help of a good reliable consultant who will guide at every step and will help you achieve your goals by leveraging his/her experience. The selection of course, college and country could be a tricky one. And many students and parents go wrong here.    

3.     Decent Grades / Marks in 10 & 12th –

    The higher you score in 10th to 12th class examinations the chances to get into some of the ranked universities increases multifold. Min one should attempt for at least 80%. If you score lower % also you can get admission into some of the international universities certainly better than many Indian institutions.

4.     Valid Indian Passport –

    This is a must and it should be ready at the start. There are many eligibility exams for which also the valid Indian passport is required. The application to universities can also not be done without your valid Indian passport. So have it checked that your passport is valid and also not about to expire in sometime.

5.     Well Curated Academic Profile -

     Along with good grades in class 10th to 12th one should write some of the international tests like SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test, AP – Advance Placement Test etc. This puts a high weightage to your resume and overall profile.

6.     Extra-Curricular Activities –

    This is another critical step which is to create a very strong Non-Academic Profile. Any hobby, interest or passion which you can excel up to advance level. This also includes improving multidimensional skill sets, social connect-awareness, research orientation and other managerial traits. 

7.     Subject choice for 11th and 12th Grade –

     Many of the higher courses admission into global universities require Mathematics as a mandatory subject unlike India. So, it is advisable to pursue mathematics as a major or minor level subject up to 12th Grade.

8.     English Language Proficiency tests –

    There are many language proficiency tests like IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE etc. which should be attempted and are required by almost every university as an eligibility criterion.

9.     Pleasing Personality & Excellent Communication –

    The minimum expectation is to be well groomed, confident, presentable and should possess good communication skills. Some of the universities as a part of admission process requires / calls for a personal interview. 

 Financial planning –

Last but not the least, you should be in a position to fund your studies (Cost of fees, living expenses and other general expenses). If you don’t have bandwidth to afford for self-funding, you should at least have collaterals or family profile to get an education loan sanctioned. 



      Author : Amit Rathi (Director & Co-Founder Of Edustori).

Sales & General Management professional, Edtech entrepreneur with 25 years of rich General Management experience at P&L roles in the telecom and FMCG industries. Have worked at senior levels with large reputed Multinational organizations like Gillette India, Hutchison Essar, Vodafone India.