What is SAT, Is it important to write SAT for Studying Abroad and Who should write SAT?

SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test is standardized examination conducted by college board and students applying for admission to undergraduate schools especially in USA, Canada and top UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE must write it.

SAT is one of the most important international tests which every aspiring student for undergraduate program must write. The purpose of SAT exam is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college and also provide colleges with one common evaluation parameter which can be used to compare or rank all applicants. SAT helps university / college selection team to evaluate individual’s profile and helps to equate students from every country onto a common platform, thereby eliminating biases for standards of education and evaluation criterion prevalent in different countries. It doesn’t leave any chance for any kind of lenient marking in any country’s examination pattern or any other parameters that may turn out to be a hinderance while selecting and giving admission to all deserving and meritorious students.

How is SAT evaluated?

SAT evaluates students on 2 broad sections – ‘Evidence based Reading and Writing and Mathematics’. It is standardized exam to evaluate a candidate’s mathematical, writing and reading skills. The score clearly reflects the strengths and readiness of all candidates for college studies. It is to be noted that the SAT score is a part of your college application, along with grades, course rigor and recommendations. It is a three hours duration exam and the highest score possible in SAT is 1600, any score over 1540 is considered to be good for top ranked universities.    

Is SAT applicable for Indian Universities as well?

As global culture is catching up with Indian education system, many Indian universities that are part of India’s “Higher Education Global Alliance Initiative” of the college board (especially the new private ones) like Ashoka University- Sonipat, OP Jindal University- Sonipat, Flame University-Pune, Krea University – Hyderabad, Bennett University- Greater Noida etc. have started accepting SAT score for their UG admission processes. They also conduct their own SAT equivalent entrance exam for admission process.

Does everyone aspiring student for Undergraduate program need to write SAT exam?

No, SAT is not required for all courses, programs and countries. Most of top universities in USA, Canada, UK for STEM courses admissions certainly require the SAT scores.  Please check out on your selected university’s website for full clarity on SAT and its requirement. In my International studies consulting experience, I have observed that many students who prepared and gave SAT exam without adequate research about its acceptance and requirements, which should be avoided. Start SAT preparation only after thorough research and to know more about SAT and its online preparation you may visit the website www.edustori.com

Author : Amit Rathi (Director & Co-Founder Edustori).

Sales & General Management professional, Edtech entrepreneur with 25 years of rich General Management experience at P&L roles in the telecom and FMCG industries. Have worked at senior levels with large reputed Multinational organizations like Gillette India, Hutchison Essar, Vodafone India.