What is the good score in SAT for international students?

Getting admitted into your dream university requires a lot more than just good grades and a personal statement. You need strong test scores as well.

The SATs are very popular amongst students aiming to go abroad for higher studies. The SAT scores range from 400-1600. And the higher your score, the higher your chances of getting into a great college.

Some important pointers to keep in mind

1.     A strong SAT score means stronger chances of you getting into your dream college.

2.     There might not be a set score, but it is advised to aim for at least 1200.

3.     Check the required score for your target universities and colleges and aim to at least reach that.

SAT scores; the good, the bad, and the excellent

If we talk about the perfect SAT score, it would be 1600. The minimum score required is 400, and the average in 2018 was 1068. There is no bad score, but the lower you score, the higher your chances of rejection when applying to colleges.

Talking about good scores, that really depends upon the college or universities you intend to apply to. The websites usually mention the required score, and that is what you should aim for.

Generally speaking, any SAT score around or above the 50th percentile is considered great. But, this is not enough for most Ivy league colleges and other renowned universities. Therefore, it is advisable that you aim to score in at least the 75th percentile i.e.,1200 or higher.

But most importantly, do not fret if you didn't score great the first time around. You can retake the test anytime and improve upon your scores.

Tips to improve your score

If you are scared of taking the test, or if you got bad scores on the first try and want to improve your scores, pay attention. We are going to list down a few ways you can improve your score.

1.     Start preparing well in advance.

2.     Read as much as you can. And whatever you can. This is not the time to start being picky!

3.     Take ample advantage of study materials; whether free or paid.

4.     Concentrate on building up your vocabulary.

5.     Take as many practice tests as you are able to find.

6.     Understand and thoroughly memorize formulas. Make sure to practice them well.

7.     Don't try to cram everything.

8.     Practice writing as much as you can.

9.     Most importantly, do not take unnecessary stress. As long as you have practiced well, you will find the test easy.

Summing up

Getting into your dream university requires a lot more than just good grades. It also requires a good SAT score. The stronger your SAT score, the better your college. You can retake the test as many times as you please if you're not happy with your test scores. And improving your SAT score is pretty easy. Just follow the advice and the tips we gave above.

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