When should students take the SAT?





A good SAT score is like the cherry on top of your cake. As long as you start preparations well in advance, you will easily score enough to even secure a scholarship. SATs are accepted in a number of countries and are a requirement for many universities.

Now, there is no doubt that the SATs can work wonders for your college application. But there is a lot of confusion in every student’s mind regarding the exam dates and what is the best time for them to take the SATs. And depending upon who you ask, you will get different answers. We at Edustori are here to help clear your confusion. So, read on and you’ll find your answers.

When is the test conducted?

The SATs are conducted Five times a year in India. The test is generally offered during the months of March , May, August , October and December, usually on Saturdays.

Ideally, students should plan their schedule in a way that they have plenty of time to retake the test. Most students are able to increase their scores with a second attempt and some even take it more than two times.

Important advice to keep in mind

It is advisable to start preparing six months in advance. You need to book the test a month in advance. And it is also advised that you have a safety net in place for giving another SAT test if the first one does not go as planned.

Starting preparation from class 11th is the best time. If you start planning after that, you might end up wasting a year. This way, you can give your exams early and have the test scores in place by the time admission procedures start. You should start preparing from January and try to give the exams in December. If you get a good score in the first attempt, you will not have to concentrate on giving an extra exam in 12th standard. And you will also get your scores early, thus enabling you to apply to your chosen universities earlier as well.

Strategy to choose the right date for you

A well crafted strategy is the cornerstone for success. And to build a perfect strategy, planning is required. The very first step you need to take is to select your test date. To do this, you will need to keep a few factors in mind:


 1.     Availability of test centre location: The SATs are administered at over 80 testing centres across India. But every test centre is not open for every test date and neither the number of seats offered are same. You would be more comfortable taking the SATs in a location familiar to you. So check to see if a location near you or maybe your own school is the test centre and what date is being offered. Then you can simply select your desired date that is being offered by the location nearest to you.

 2.     Your personal schedule: You might have a lot on your plate regardless of when you give your exams. So many dates will need to be eliminated based on prior commitments.

3.     The practice time you require: Make sure you take at least six months to practice and prepare yourself.

4.     Chance for or desire to take retest: You might need to retake the test if you don’t get the required score. Or you might wish to get a better score so make sure you leave a cushion for a retest.

5.     Your college application deadlines: This is the most important factor. You need to make sure you will get your results in time to apply to universities.



To sum up

All these factors need to be kept in mind when choosing your date for the SATs. And to make sure you are well prepared, you can study using the materials Edustori provides.