Why should one pursue the higher studies from Global Universities?


In today’s competitive world it is imperative to have specialized skill sets to stand apart from the crowd. Hence, higher studies have taken all the more prominence in shaping up your required skills and thereby future. It is often said that more than luck what determines your success in modern VUCA world is your preparedness to be future ready. This article will help you understand as to why one should certainly consider pursuing higher studies from abroad. This certainly doesn’t mean that Indian education doesn’t have avenues but very limited options exist for average to good students. The professional higher studies in India is subject to qualifying the entrance examinations like NEET, JEE and likes. In recent times we see many students solely focusing on the preparation for these entrance tests while the end result is already pre-defined i.e. only a certain percentage of the applicants will qualify for admission seats and more importantly get the particular subject stream they have been eyeing for. Even if you qualify but do not get high % marks or percentile, you don’t make to top colleges or pocket friendly institutions. You have some of the private university’s options but those are very expensive. So, the dilemma, confusions and chaos remain and ultimately lands you into low self-esteem, low morale and there by depression / anxiety attacks. I have attended to many such students as part of career counselling experience who were in very low morale state, confused and shattered. My humble suggestion here is to prepare well and give your best shot for these entrance examinations. But in parallel, also have a backup plan right from beginning. It is pragmatic to think well ahead, what will you do if you don’t get to some of the colleges or streams you have been waiting for or if you can’t afford the cost of these studies?

Do you have Plan B and its relevance?        

Having a plan B is a smart approach which will certainly boost your confidence and you won’t lose out the time which is all the more critical. The plan B on other hand, can help you pursue your dream course or subject stream from very good and globally ranked university. You will write these competitive exams at ease without fear, stress and or panic. The best results are achieved out of the stress-free minds and in relaxed mental state. You may crack these exams with required percentile marks and get admitted to your dream stream/ college. You would have heard many stories about some students getting into unwanted, uncalled for activities as a result of poor or low performance in these entrance exams. You can certainly avoid this situation. Plan B actually could be a trade-off between possible scores and cost while still pursuing your dream Subject and in the process getting international exposure…. Maybe doing better than your peers who did get admission to courses/colleges in India.

Can international studies make you independent and future ready?

With International studies option, you not only get admission into some of the world’s best universities but also study amidst some of the best world class modern infrastructure, state of art and hi tech advanced technological set ups with all possible modern facilities. The international studies help you expose to different cultures, build global connect and network. Networking is another very important ingredient in modern age hyper competitive and collaborative world.   

The higher studies in international universities makes you truly independent by allowing you to work on part time basis. It is normally restricted to 20 hours per week (may change as per government policies applicable in the country of your choice). The part time work experience facilitates faster understanding of the job dynamics, local market and sentiments. This also helps you earn and self-fund the pocket money, living cost and miscellaneous expenses. It is highly recommended that as an international student you must take up a part time job in the nearby vicinity immediately along with your studies.   

As a ranked university pass out, you have a great opportunity to grab decent new age job with attractive initial salary and associated perks to yourselves. The undergraduate or postgraduate degree from world class universities along with other parameters certainly increase your chance to also get permanent residency in a foreign country.  

It is normally considered that international education is very expensive. While the fact remains, that at a little extra cost you get a state of art, research led undergraduate - postgraduate programs which equip you better for the future jobs with great multinational companies. If you are able to create a robust and wholistic profile for yourselves, you can get scholarships as well which will reduce your financial burden. You may take our professional services around profile building by exploring more details on www.edustori.com. To clarify the myth, the Indian higher education other than renowned govt colleges is also very expensive. The masses get into expensive higher education in India due to this and coupled with quota reservations which leaves general candidates with very limited options. Life is happy when you plan in advance and more importantly execute it flawlessly.


Author : Amit Rathi (Director & Co-Founder Edustori).

Sales & General Management professional, Edtech entrepreneur with 25 years of rich General Management experience at P&L roles in the telecom and FMCG industries. Have worked at senior levels with large reputed Multinational organizations like Gillette India, Hutchison Essar, Vodafone India.