Why Should You Study in Canada? - A Complete Guide


 Study in Canada 

Demographic:  As per the study by the US News & World Report, Canada has been named the third best country in the world for education and first in quality of life. Canada is known for good government and a high degree of individual freedom. Canada is a high-income country with a high degree of political stability and a high quality of life. The average life expectancy in Canada is more than 82 years. International students have the option to work while studying and can eventually apply for permanent residency. The Indian community has a strong presence in Canada.

Courses offered: Canadian system offers courses like MBA, Engineering, Law, Language and Tourism etc and also offers some niche programs like Performing Arts, Cyber Security, Photographic Archiving and neuroscience etc. As per the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is amongst the top 3 countries in the world in spending per capita for public post-secondary education.

How English Language Is Important: The two languages spoken and used in the CANADA are English and French.  Aptitude in English is expected and students need to appear and score high in any of the English-proficiency test, IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. The minimum score for admissions differs according to the course, university, college or institution. There are certain courses for for which GRE/GMAT score is needed.


Work permit:  International students have the option to work while studying and can eventually apply for permanent residency.

Scholarships:  Most scholarships are merit based and some of them are specially targeted for Asia/Pacific region. There are two types of scholarships:

1.      Merit Based Scholarships: As the name suggests this type of scholarship is awarded to students having exceptional score in academics or having exceptional talent in any field.

2.      International Undergraduate Scholarship: These are received by those students who have qualified for some undergraduate course in Canada and fulfill the conditions laid out by the provider of the scholarship.

Enrolment Guide:

1.      Get all the academic documents in place.

2.      Submit the application which should be supported by statement of purpose.

3.      Appearing in IELTS/TOEFEL etc helps.

Applying for Student Visa:

The launch of Student Direct Stream (SDS) by the Canadian High Commission has made getting student visa very simple. Students who apply to the colleges under (ACCC) Association of Canadian Communities Colleges get their visa processed faster and other benefits. If the score of IELTS is 6 students get their visa faster.

The primary requirement to secure Study Permit Application under SDS is to have an unconditional offer letter from university and college.

Health insurance is mandatory for all international students.

For details visit site https://www.immigration.ca/


There are several options available as far as accommodation in Canada is concerned.

1.      Hostels provided by the university which have all the basic amenities

2.      Home stay which is similar to paying guest system in which families accommodate students and provide them with an independent room with all the amenities.

3.      One can stay in independent flats which are slightly expensive if one wants privacy.