Why you should do a career counselling session with Counselling Experts


Importance of career counseling for students

According to a survey on “Career option awareness” in Indian students, it was inferred that a whopping 93% of the students who are aged between 14 years to 21 years knew only seven career options when we have more than 250 types of job options in India. Isn’t it disappointing?

We are fortunate to be living in an age where we have a range of career options available today. The students have an opportunity to make their career choice based on the aspects such as ability, interest, academic strengths, scope, educational background, etc., provided the students and the parents know about it! This is where career counselling can become your savior!

Here we talk about the advantages of having a career counselor. 

Clarity of thoughts

With more than 50% of India’s population falling in the age criterion of 15 to 24 years, there is an unprecedented need for career counsellors in India. The prime reason for the students and parents for hiring a counseling professional is to calm the students and their confused state of mind. It is common for the students of class 9th and 10th, 11th and 12th, and Graduation to remain constantly worried thinking which career to choose.

Analyze strength

Sometimes the students are unable to understand their strength and interest.  A career counselor is adept in analyzing the student’s strengths, academic background, interest, personality, and skills through observation and tools such as Psychometric assessments, etc.

Help set goals

A career counselor is an expert who is equipped with the best industry knowledge to guide you in deciding the most suitable career path for you. He can help the students to set realistic short and long-term goals and identify the best career options that offers maximum scope.

Powerhouse of information

The counseling session aims to make you aware of the necessary information like admission criteria, admission rate, admission expectations, which stream has more scope in the future, and merit scale of several colleges and universities.

Emotional aspects

A good Career Counsellor is a keen listener and problem solver too. He does not only provide the best guidance to the student but also ignites confidence and boosts the morale of the student. A career counselor starts to work by creating a calm and comfortable environment so that the student can feel at ease and is open to discuss his career goals and challenges.

The key to a successful future is the career choice you make today. Best career counselors in India like Edustori is the need of the hour. The right career guidance at the right time can be a life-changer for you.