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SAT Exam

SAT stands for the Scholastic Assessment Test. It was earlier known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test that the College Board manages. The students who want to take admission in the undergraduate schools in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc., can take this test. SAT evaluates the written, verbal, and mathematical skills of the candidates. Earlier, the students who wanted admission to a particular course took SAT subject exams, but the College Board discontinued Subject Tests from June 2021.


Why is SAT Exam required?

SAT allows the students to enroll in undergraduate programs in the US and Canada, and other countries such as the UK and Australia. Most of the colleges in the US accept SAT scores for providing admission to the students in their undergraduate courses. SAT exam tests the test-takers mathematical, Critical Reading, and Writing skills. As per the College Board, the syllabus is based on students' skills in the schools.

SAT Exam Eligibility

There are no specific SAT eligibility criteria for students. The College Board allows all the students willing to get admission in UG courses, to appear for the exam. Though there is no minimum or maximum age limit criteria for the SAT exam, as per the studies, the students aged 17 to 19 appear most for the SAT. The College Board sets no specific rule regarding educational eligibility. It can be taken by students who are studying in high school. The students must complete their high school education to get admission to the UG courses.

How many times can you take the SAT exams?

There are no restrictions for taking the SAT exam. As per the rules laid by the College Board, the students can take SAT as many times as they want. Since SAT is conducted five times a year in India in the months of March, May, August, October, and December, the students can take it many times.


SAT Exam Registration

The students who want to take SAT must register for the same. The students can register for SAT by sending mail or applying online. The online method is more convenient. The candidates need to log in to the official SAT website and fill the registration form and submit necessary documents. They also need to upload a clear photograph. They can choose the exam they want to give, book their slot in the nearest test center, and pay the application fee.

SAT Exam Preparation

Candidates need to start preparing section-wise for SAT. They can search for the best writing preparation tips, reading preparation tips, and math learning tips for performing their best in the exam. Finding the set of best books to prepare for the SAT Exam 2022, will help them cover the whole syllabus. Also, solving several sample papers or practice tests will give them a feel of the exam and help evaluate their performance.

Like other exams, to prepare for SAT, the candidates can self-study or attend coaching classes. For self-study, they need perseverance, motivation, and self-discipline. They will have to hunt for the best study materials. This method can help them save money. But if the students want more exhaustive learning, attending professional coaching classes is the best idea.

SAT syllabus 2022

SAT syllabus includes what the students have already learned in their school. SAT syllabus contains two main sections - Math Section and Evidence-based Reading and Writing Section. In the SAT writing section, there are three sections:

  • Essay section - 25 mins
  • The multiple-choice section of 25 mins
  • Multiple choice sections of 10 mins

In the Critical Reading Section, there are three sections

  • Reading comprehension - 25 mins
  • Sentence completions - 25 mins
  • Paragraph-length critical reading - 20 mins

In the Math Section, there are again three sections

  • Algebra and functions - 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics - 20 mins
  • Probability and Data analysis - 20 mins

SAT Exam Methodology


SAT exam pattern

The SAT exam includes Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. There is also an optional 50-minute essay test. There are 154 Questions or 155 with an essay in SAT, and the students need to solve it in 3 hours with 50 mins with Essay. The total score is 1600. The score is not deducted for incorrect answers; hence the students can attempt all the questions.

SAT Score

The SAT is divided into the sections of Reading and Writing and Mathematics. The sections are scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, where the maximum score total can be 1600. There are additional scores of 20-80 scale too. The average SAT score is around 1000. If a student scores more than 1200, it is considered a good SAT score. The candidates can send their SAT scores to their preferred colleges within nine days of taking the test. After that, the students will have to pay the fee of $12 for sending their score reports to the colleges.
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SAT scholarship

Scholarship in SAT depends on the SAT score of the candidates. SAT exam scholarship is offered to the students who are meritorious and have low family income. SAT scholarship offers full coverage for Indian students scoring more than 1300. The College Board allows SAT exam scholarship in two ways. Firstly, there is 90% reduction in SAT registration fees and a reduction in tuition fee till graduation. So, the candidate with a high SAT score can avail the SAT scholarship. They can get the full or partial tuition fees waived.

What is the mode of SAT exam?

SAT is a Written-based examination. The students use a pencil to fill in the bubbles on a multiple-choice answer sheet. However, recently the College Board announced that SAT exam will become digital from 2023. Also, in the Digital SAT test, the students will get scores in days, and they don't have to wait weeks. Also, the duration of the SAT exam will change with digital SAT. Instead of a three-hour SAT exam, the students will take the two-hour exam.

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What is the SAT Full Form?

SAT stands for the Scholastic Assessment Test, which was earlier Scholastic Aptitude Test. This exam, which is managed by the College Board, helps the students take admission in the undergraduate schools.

Why is SAT important?

SAT is an important examination that helps the students secure admission in the undergraduate schools of the top study destinations like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

When SAT started in India?

SAT started in 1926 to provide admissions to the students in UG courses of universities and colleges.

Who can take SAT test?

The high school students, either in 11th or 12th standard, can take the SAT exam and get admission in the UG courses abroad.

What is the duration of the SAT test?

The SAT test duration is 3-hour without an Essay. If you want to take the SAT with Essay, then the SAT duration will be 3 hours and 50 minutes.

When is the SAT conducted in India?

SAT is conducted five times a year in India. It happens in the months of March, May, August, October, and December. The students can take SAT whenever it is convenient for them.

How is the SAT test scored?

SAT exam is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale. The total SAT score is the sum of all the section scores. For SAT with Essay, the candidate will get a separate score.

What is the SAT exam Fee?

Appearing for SAT costs the students a fee of $104 without the Essay and $117 with Essay.

How to get SAT Admission Ticket?

Once the candidates register for the exam, they can log into their account on the official website and download the SAT Admission Ticket. Do check all the credentials and get the mistake rectified.

What are SAT 2022 exam dates in India?

The anticipated SAT 2022 exam dates are May 7th2022., August 28th, 2022, October 2nd, 2022, and December 4th, 2022.

Which is the best time to appear for the SAT?

The SAT Exam happens five times round the year. The students who want to take SAT must choose an exam date 3 to 4 months before the application deadline. This is necessary to avoid last-minute errors.

What is a good SAT score?

Try to get a composite score of more than 1200 to make it to the top universities and colleges.

How long is the SAT score valid?

The SAT scores remain valid for five years until there is a change in the SAT criteria.

When SAT result is declared?

The scores of SAT exams are available after three weeks of taking the test. You can view the score after entering your username and password, along with other details.

Which countries accept SAT scores?

The SAT Exam is accepted by many colleges worldwide. It is most popular in the USA and Canada. However, SAT is also accepted by some colleges in the UK and Australia.

How to register for SAT?

To register for SAT, open the SAT website and fill the registration form. Submit necessary documents, upload a photograph, and choose the exam type and date. Pay the applicable registration fee.

How to crack the SAT?

Use study material, practice papers, etc. to prepare well for SAT. For a professional guidance, contact educational consultancy.

Can I give SAT after 12th?

Candidates can take SAT test after completing high school. The students can take it in class 11th or 12th or after completing high school education.

Is SAT exam tough?

SAT syllabus is based on the courses that the students have already covered in their high-school. So, if you have been a good student in high school, you will get a good score in SAT.

Is SAT exam online?

SAT is a Written-based examination. But recently, College Board announced that SAT will become digital from 2023.

Does SAT have negative marking?

SAT does not have negative marking. The students can attempt all the questions without fearing marks deduction.

Where is SAT exam conducted in India?

There are more than 50 SAT test centers in India, in more than 30 cities.