SAT Exam in India

SAT is a standardized paper-based test. The exam is quite popular in the United States where the majority of the universities consider SAT scores as one of the admission criteria. However, over the years many universities situated outside of the USA, including a few in India, ask applicants to submit their SAT scores while filling up college admission applications. The popularity of the test as a criterion for university selections indicates its reliability at evaluating students’ aptitude for a particular course.

Who can take SATs and what to Expect in the Exam?

SAT exams fulfil the purpose of admissions to the undergraduate programs of the universities as well as colleges of America and Canada and various other international educational institutes. The exam is offered Five times annually in India and tests the writing, critical reading and mathematical skills of the students who seek admissions in undergraduate courses.

 Most of the universities in the US have exempted the students from SATs for the year 2021, due to the pandemic. The SATs might not have been compulsory this year, but they help in profile building. We at Edustori understand the importance of competitive exams and so make sure to help students prepare to the best of their abilities. Aspiring students can check out the available resources at our website.

Changes in the pattern of the test over the years

The SAT has remained to be a significant standard that colleges and universities all over the world use to select freshers each year. It has gone under various changes over the past years and the most recent change has been made in the year 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes never let the SAT exam be static and fixed. Regular updating of SATs  is carried out meet the educational benchmarks of the best universities and colleges of the United States. The examination process also reflect the material that has been emphasized by most of the high schools of America.

SATs are Not Scary

1. The students view this exam as an impossible obstacle which they should not as SAT might be difficult, but it is definitely not impossible, the students just need to recognize the requirement of the exam.

2. Another reason which should motivate the students is that they can retake the exam if they have somehow not been able to clear the exam on the first attempt. The second chance could be utilised the most to improve the score in the test.

3. Along with the scores of SAT, your scores of recommendation letters and transcripts will be evaluated too so the students do not need to fear it and just trust their preparations to achieve the target.

4. Most questions on the exam are multiple choice. Also, most sections do not have negative marking.

5. Make sure you make use of the practice tests. They will help you build up your speed as well and help you remain calm when attempting the actual exam. Practice tests also improve concentration as well as confidence to attempt the actual exam.

6. Do not forget to eat and drink well before going to attempt the exam. Don’t leave on an empty stomach as it will hamper with your concentration.

7. Just like any other exam, the SAT too needs advance preparation. A good Sat score can open up a number of opportunities for those seeking admission overseas as well as India’s top universities.