Is the SAT mandatory for all students wishing to study Abroad?

The universities, the world over consider test scores of various exams, based on which they select students for the courses they offer. Some such exams include TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and SAT. The SAT is a standardized international exam that many students take across the globe. The SATs are quite popular, and many universities accept their scores. SATs have been fast gaining popularity in India as well. Not only foreign but many Indian universities too consider SAT scores of the students seeking admission to their preferred courses.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is no negative marking in the SATs, and students can make educated guesses. There is also a lesser chance for students to fail the SATs, and the exam duration is longer compared to other entrance exams. For admissions, a composite score of 1200 and above is a must. If you wish to apply for scholarships, you need a composite score of 1350 and over. 

You should start the SAT preparations well in advance, ideally when you are in the 11th standard. The fee for SATs in India is around INR 7,700, and the registration charges are around INR 1,633 for every subject. There is also an extra-regional fee for India.


SATs: Mandatory or Not?

Every year, thousands of students migrate to various countries in the world, in search of better opportunities. Or to study in their dream universities and build their careers. But studying abroad requires dedication and preparation. Students seeking admission to prestigious universities need to meet certain set criteria, and a good SAT score is a must. 

The SATs are an important requirement in almost every university abroad. The past two years saw many universities waive off the SATs as an admission requirement in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic, yet some students still chose to take the tests. It is not mandatory in many universities anymore, yet it is recommended that students take the SATs as a good SAT score can help open many doors and land scholarships. In the USA, the test is conducted seven times a year. 

For the year 2022 as well, the SATs have been waived by almost 1600 universities. Many Ivy League universities are also a part of this decision. So the students applying for fall 2022 intake don’t need to give the SATs. This means students will be admitted based on their secondary and high school performance. 


Universities/Countries Offering SAT

Several countries offer SAT exams centers. Some of the countries that offer the SAT exams are:

1. The United States of America

2. India

3. The United Kingdom

4. Singapore

5. Malaysia

6. Canada

7. Australia

8. Germany

9. Japan

10. Austria

11. Mexico


These are just a few of the countries offering SATs. A total of around 85 countries accept SAT scores. Over 4000 universities and colleges accept the SAT score for admissions. The UK alone has over 125 institutions accepting the SATs. The SAT results are valid for only five years. And the minimum score required is different for different institutions. American universities that require SAT scores for admission in 2022:

1. University of Central Florida

2. University of Florida

3. University of Georgia

4. Georgetown University

5. Florida State University

6. University of South Florida

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

8. Simmons University


The SATs are an important requirement for the admission process. They might not be mandatory for this year but will be after this. Edustori  realizes the importance of preparation and thus has provided students with study material. Aspiring students can checkout our resources and start their preparations.